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The Exola Challenge is a gaming competition that includes the games of Chess, Draught, Snooker, and Soccer (Football) on PS4 and aims to engage the people of Nigeria in a healthy competition for a prize.
It involves a competition in all of these games where participants will engage each other in the game they have chosen to compete in, where they will be rewarded with stated prize money if they are able to reach any of the prize earning levels that have been stated. It is also being packaged to provide entertainment for television viewers who seek relaxation time.
The programme aims to explore the 21st century Life Skills potentials inherent in young people and adults through a platform that commonly serves as a means of relief, recreation, and entertainment. Gaming has such cognitive benefits like; improving problem solving skills, enhances memory, improves attention and concentration, a great source of learning, improves brain speed, and also improves individual coordination and social skills.
The Exola Challenge aims to explore all these prospects from contestants who are expected to come from various parts of Nigeria and West Africa at large to challenge for what is to be the biggest gaming competition in the region.


Exola Productions is the Entertainment and Media arm of Exola Inc.
We are equipped with the state-of-the-art production facilities to provide media and entertainment solutions to our ever growing and exciting customer base.
Our Television, Photo and Audio Recording studios are furnished with top-class equipment to meet your production needs.
Our productions equipment rentals service is quick and reliable. We have top quality video cameras that are suitable for your weddings, and coverage of all kinds of social events.
Our photographs speak clearer than a thousand words.
Our Live Band is always able to get you and your guests up on their feet.
Our DJ is always able to set the roof on fire.
And we are absolutely affordable.


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