About Us

Tech meet hands and we became effective and efficient on:
Internet Adverts and Publicity also known as Digital Marketing
Web Design
SMTP Solutions for mass emailing, weekly newsletter and contacts management
Bulk SMS Solutions for events, marketing, and clients/customer updates
We advanced graphic works with shocking designs combining CorelDraw & Photoshop. Watch a typist
type your document without looking at the keyboard and while you are wondering how,
your job is ready! We did not stop there, we added a recording studio in our data processing pack,
so that books can become mp3s.
We do so much for little, so that little becomes adorable and fascinating. It was Tech meet hands,
and we became everything you discovered about us:
Our involvement in sports bet industry because it is ICT inclined.
Our football club for youth empowerment.
Our PES center for youth's empowerment and unwinding.
Our Recording studio and video studio backing up our data processing package and our
PES PlayStation 4 Competitions
Our Cyber Cafe where the cost of internet services are far cheaper than that of our contemporaries,
and yet better services then them.
Our side by side Business Center, Graphic Tables and Audio Studio for Data processing jobs.
Our hardware repair center, not limited to only Laptops and computer repairs, but extended
to phones and plasma tv repairs.
Then, High Tech youths with open-source mind delivering services in Digital
Marketing (Internet Marketing). And finally, our skaters ready for gorilla marketing with ability to distribute
1000 flyers in a day. This is about us and more you've seen and will see.

This Space is for sale.